Snacks? BlueBox - Your office snacks solutions - Micro kitchens and snack boxes
BlueBox for your healthy snacks at the office.
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The Office Snacks Subscription Box

BlueBox offers a new snacking alternative that’s available for everyone. With free delivery in the Netherlands, you now have an easy and convenient way to access high quality and healthy snacks and drinks. In addition, we offer a large variety of products from all over the world that allows your team to enjoy something new every time. Finally, With packages starting from €99, everyone can enjoy delicious snacks.

  • Variety of delicious snacks
  • Awesome product display box
  • Free delivery

The Micro Kitchen

The BlueBox micro kitchen service gets companies to enjoy delicious snacks and drinks tailored to their requirements. As a result, you don’t have to worry about ordering or refilling. We offer daily servicing to make sure your kitchen is always stocked and exciting. Besides supplying the main brands, we offer a wide range of options including:


  • Fresh fruit and juices
  • Healthy snacking alternatives
  • Coffee and Coffee machines
  • Event catering
  • Happy Hours
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snacks, Amsterdam, micro kitchen, office snacks, bluebox office, bluebox snacks, bluebox amsterdam, bluebox microkitchen, healthy snacks and drinks

A Kitchen for all

First of all, we’re here to help you choose the best options depending on your office size and budget. There is something for everyone!

Professional service

Secondly, don’t worry about ordering and refilling. We offer daily servicing to have your kitchen stocked, clean and exciting for everyone.

Wide variety of options

Furthermore, besides supplying the major brands, BlueBox offers a wide range of healthy snacks, yoghurts, fruits and coffee options.

Events & catering

Finally, wether your looking for a healthy breakfast, a nice company lunch or large event catering, we are here for you!

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