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BlueBox Vending is a healthy, natural and organic vending machine company that operates in Amsterdam. We aim to supply entire Netherlands with healthy snacks and drinks. We have a touchscreen, drop sensor, design, NFC payment system, credit card and debit card. This high-tech vending machine will enable everyone in Holland to snack health and consciously.
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Welcome to

BlueBox Vending

helping people everywhere to enjoy

high quality and responsible snacks.

How It Works

We place our beautiful and high-tech vending machine at your location, providing a convenient vending solution; you don’t have to worry about refilling the machine, maintenance or looking for products. We take care of all of this and in case you decide to stick with us after your Free 3 Month Trial we charge a €150 monthly service fee which covers all the vending activities.

We do the work, you just enjoy.

Send us a message and find out how you can get a BlueBox in your location!

Our Products

At BlueBox Vending we aim to deliver highest quality responsible products created with passion and care.
Working with different companies worldwide allows us to get the best products right at your doorstep.

Interested in ordering only the snacks and drinks?


Large Assortment

We offer a wide range of natural and organic snacks & drinks so you can choose and pick your favourites .

Machine Maintenance

BlueBox is responsible for cleaning and maintaining your machine. We ensure every BlueBox is always up and running!

Fully Stocked

We take care of all the refilling. Using our latest tracking technology, we know exactly when your BlueBox needs to be restocked.

Assortment Update

Having always the same options is boring, so we are constantly looking for new products and updating your BlueBox accordingly.

Free Trial

We offer a free 3 month trial This means there are no upfront costs: we transport and install the machine for free.

Conscious Consuming

We are spreading awareness of the impact consuming has on the environment, society and the consumers' health and lifestyle

Amazing Design & Functionality

Touch screen, menu, vending machine, BlueBox Vending, High-Tech,

Up-To-Date Info

Our unique 22’ touch screen provides consumers with the latest product information; where and how the products are made, their nutrition and ingredients.


Swipe & Pay

The newest cashless technology enables payments to be done by simply tapping a debit card, credit card or smartphone on to the machine. Paying for products has never been so easy and safe.



In the unlikely event your product gets stuck in the machine, our drop-sensor is immediately activated.  Machine credit is added and you can choose a new product. You never walk away empty handed!

Meet The Team

BlueBox Vending, Vending machines amsterdam, Condor van Heijningen


Hey! Here at BlueBox I am responsible for the finance and some of our daily machine operations.

Joris Drok, Amsterdam vending machines, Vending machine BlueBox Vending

Marketing and Communications

Hello! I am responsible for the marketing of our products and the communication with our customers.

Rodrigo Molinari, BlueBox Vending, Amsterdam vending machine


My job is to maintain strong relationships with suppliers to guarantee transparency across the value chain.


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Types of Snacks


Different Brands


Happy Customers

What They Said

Contact Us

Piet Heinkade 55 1019 GM Amsterdam The Netherlands

+31 6 155 332 23

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you now have a good idea of what we at BlueBox are trying to accomplish.

The next step is contacting us so we can see how to better assist you. Whether you have a question about our company, want a BlueBox machine in your location or order a box of our products, just drop us a line

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